Death by Hot Chocolate

The wind is wailing, the trees are groaning, the sea is churning.  Where would you rather be, outside, or sitting inside, with your hands wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate watching the elements beyond?  And where better than in Mevagissey with its excellent range of hot chocolates.  It was a great sacrifice but I nobly went out and tried as many as I could and I’m happy to share my findings.

She Sells

This great new cafe has opened where The Candy Shop used to be and Rose and Mikou have spent a great deal of effort transforming it into the light and airy cafe it is now, with spectacular views, sitting right on the quay. I went for a hot chocolate with a bit of bling, gold sprinkles and glitter, very glamorous! The toppings are great fun and the little crunch from the sprinkles was really nice in a hot chocolate but the treat was when you got down to the chocolate itself. A rich flavour but light, easy to drink all the way to the bottom. Don’t worry if you don’t get a table, they do takeouts and there is plenty of seating on the harbour.

Source: Origin 35% cocoa. Full fat milk or almond or coconut. £2.95 – £3.50

The Cornish Bakery

Now if the weather isn’t appalling, then how about taking your drink out to the end of the harbour and watch the boats and the fishermen. The Cornish Bakery, known all across Cornwall actually started in Mevagissey, so why not grab a prize-winning pasty to go with that drink. No toppings but very thick and chocolatey.

Source: Caffe Vergnano 32% cocoa. Full fat milk. £2.50 – £2.80

Another great quayside location, the Sharksfin is a large popular pub and whilst quayside seats tend to go quickly the pub is a very large venue with loads of room to accommodate everyone. They have a range of chocolates and again I went for the all-singing all-dancing, and oh my, the cream goes on forever! As yummy as the cream and marshmallows are the treat is in the chocolate. Both milk and cocoa are from local companies, fairtrade and yummy. They also do a children’s hot chocolate size and a”baby cappuccino” which is simply frothed milk with some chocolate sprinkles on top.

Source: Falmouth’s Yallah Fairtrade  Cocoa. Single origin, Ecuador 40%  Rodda’s full fat milk £2.20 – £3.10
Cafe Movieland

Cafe Movieland provides a great, simple hot chocolate, no frills or whipped cream, just a lovely, warming drink. In a small and friendly space surrounded by film memorabilia, DVDs and vinyl this is the perfect location for any movie buff. There is also a record player in the corner and you can listen to music of your choice. Opening at 7am they are the first in the village to wake up and get your fix ready. They also serve Ue Coffee, the only wood roasted coffee in Cornwall.

Source: Single origin dark cocoa from the Ivory Coast 34% £1.20
Number Five

Are you ready for this? Unicorn hot chocolate! Purple hot chocolate with everything on top. This is a complete fantasy of a drink.  It’s based on their white hot chocolate, yes white hot chocolate.  They melt down solid white chocolate drops in milk and that’s it. No additives. No surprises. This is how they make hot chocolates on the continent. To make the Unicorn they add some food dye and throw in the kitchen sink.  It is as sweet as you can imagine and has a huge fan base.  They also do a plain Cadbury’s hot chocolate for those that like a more restrained drink.  Using Cadbury’s is in line with their gluten free ethos.
James Dunn Diner

This cafe opened last season in the house that James Dunn built. So who is James Dunn?  He was a notorious smuggler/businessman depending on your view and was a pivotal figure in Mevagissey history.  The house is riddled with hideyholes, including hidden passages and a trap door to thwart the customs men.  Served in a huge glass jar, this Cadbury’s based hot chocolate comes with or without the toppings and tastes great either way.  I sat in the ghost spot and was indeed chilled by an unexplained cold breeze.

Source: Cadburys.

Now I still have a few to go! So whilst I go and buy a bigger pair of trousers let me know what you think and I’ll update the others as soon as I find a new belt 😀

River Street, Cofro, Harbour Tavern, Blue and Kiplings still to come.


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